Taekwondo Builds Confidence and Discipline

Parents Say Within a Few Weeks They See:

  • Sustained Focus and Concentration
  • Improved Patience and Self Discipline
  • Increased Fitness and Stamina
  • Soaring Confidence and Self Esteem
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Taekwondo Classes for Kids in North Georgia

Our Children’s Tae Kwon do program provides benefits for children immediately, with results that last a lifetime.Teachers and parents see a big difference when children start taking martial arts classes - they listen better at home and even do better at school because of martial arts.

Our Children’s Tae Kwon Do program helps children in every walk of life by improving their focus, confidence, listening skills, and provides them with a fun, new activity. Our focus on individual excellence and personal growth for all our students allows for an adaptive martial arts curriculum that fosters consistency, familiarity, and positive social and physical development. We have also had great success with children challenged by ADHD or autism. Parents are happy to see their children gain valuable life skills, and the kids are excited by how fun and engaging our classes are.

Did you know that TaeKwonDo can enhance your child's focus?

Taekwondo helps kids focus better, because learning new kicks, blocks, and forms takes concentration. Children also learn how critical it is to pay attention to their opponent’s movements.

Help your child build confidence!
Martial Arts builds up children’s confidence so that they are able to project an aura of strength. This is encouraged by in-class discussion and having students yell loudly while performing techniques.

Improve your child’s discipline.
Our Children’s Tae Kwon Do Program ingrains a greater sense of discipline within our student’s. This is accomplished by teaching them to respect their parents, instructors and peers as well as providing a structured environment with clear expectations.

Help your child treat others with greater respect.
At Master Seo's Top Martial Arts, we teach children in Dalton that everyone deserves respect and that no one deserves to be mistreated. Also, if they want to be respected by others, they must first give respect to others.

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Increase your child’s capacity for self-control.
Taekwondo empowers kids with a heightened sense of awareness of their own thoughts and emotions. This training teaches them to control negative impulses that will stop a negative situation from spiraling into conflict or violence.

Develop your child’s leadership skills.
At each Top Martial Arts location, we teach students to be leaders, not followers. As they rise through belt ranks, students also come to understand the importance of helping newer students and being a positive role model.

Teach your child to defend himself.
Self-defense techniques are a core part of our martial arts curriculum. When children know how to defend themselves, they will naturally project a much more confident image.
No matter your reason for pursuing Taekwondo for your children, we’d love to help you decide if our Taekwondo program is right for your child. As one of the most comprehensive TaeKwonDo schools, we are confident that we can help your child become a better version of themselves.

Don't take it from us!

Here's What Our Parents Say:

My 3, almost 4, year old started Tiny Tigers and we LOVE TMA!!! The instructors are so compassionate and excellent with shy children! My son always has a great time but is sometimes shy and reluctant to go in the class. Mr. Philip and the others just scoop him up as their own and give him the attention he needs to feel comfortable and become involved. Highly recommend them!

Ashley Jackson
Ashley Jackson

My kids have been going to Seo's Martial Arts for over two years. They have become more confident, self-disciplined, and respectful due to the dedicated staff working with them every week. I have seen positive results physically and mentally with both my kids. The staff is hardworking, positive, caring, and energetic! I highly recommend Seo's Martial Arts for kids and adults!

Jodi Graham
Jodi Graham
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